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Trademark attorney Russia, Moscow

Patent&Law Agency Russian Patent provides services for the integrated care management of exclusive rights to the trademarks and service marks:

Trademark and service mark design:

• Naming;
• Trademark and service mark design (Logo design);
• Label design;
• Brand-book;

Trademark and service mark registration:

• Preliminary search for trademarks and service marks in both Russian and international databases;
• Trademark and service mark registration in the Russian Federation;
• The international registration of trademarks and service marks under the Madrid system;
• Registration of license agreements, contracts of alienation of rights to trademarks and service marks, franchise agreements, pledge agreements of exclusive rights to the trademarks and service marks;

Protection of exclusive rights to the trademark and service mark:

• Determination of an infringement of trademark rights;
• Examination in order to determine the size of damage for infringement of trademarks and service marks;
• Claim work;
• Representation in the Chamber of Patent Disputes and in the Arbitration Court.

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Trademark attorney Russia, Moscow RUSSIAN PATENT